tl_files/sites/campustour/Admissions/1352227739_print.pngAdmission guidelines for students from Bermuda

Applicants from Bermuda College

Acadia participates in an articulation agreement with Bermuda College. Students who have completed studies at Bermuda College may receive transfer credit. Students applying for transfer credit must include course descriptions of work completed to date with their application.

Applicants from an American education system

  • Grade 12 English

  • Four additional Grade 12 or senior high school (college preparatory) level courses

  • Required overall average of B or better

Applicants from the International Baccalaureate program

  • IB Diploma including IB English with an overall score of 24 or better.

  • Students admitted to Acadia University with a score of 30 or higher on the IB Diploma will receive 30 hours of university credit.

  • Students who have completed IB courses but do not possess the diploma will be considered based on their coursework.  Acadia gives individual credit for IB certificate courses completed at the higher level with grades of 5, 6 or 7.

  • Courses required for admission to certain programs (see "Specific program admission guidelines" below) must be completed with a 4 or better.

Specific program admission guidelines

  • Applied Science (Engineering) – Precalculus Mathematics. Chemistry is required for the certificate program; Physics recommended.

  • Biology – Academic or Precalculus Mathematics and Chemistry.

  • Business Administration – English with a minimum 70% or IB score 4 and Academic or Precalculus Mathematics.

  • Chemistry – Precalculus Mathematics and Chemistry.

  • Community Development - Academic or Precalculus Mathematics.
  • Computer Science – Precalculus Mathematics.

  • Economics – Academic or Precalculus Mathematics.

  • Environmental Geoscience – Academic or Precalculus Mathematics and Chemistry.

  • Environmental Science – Academic or Precalculus Mathematics and Chemistry.

  • Geology – Academic or Precalculus Mathematics and Chemistry.

  • Kinesiology - Academic or Precalculus Mathematics.

  • Mathematics – Precalculus Mathematics with a minimum 70% or IB score 4.

  • Music – All prospective music students will complete a School of Music application. For students interested in the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Therapy degrees, a live (or recorded) audition is required with the application.

  • Nutrition– Academic or Precalculus Mathematics and Chemistry.

  • Physics – Precalculus Mathematics. Physics recommended.

  • Psychology - Academic or Precalculus Mathematics.

Entrance Scholarships

To be considered for an entrance scholarship an admission application and all required supporting documents for admission must be received in the Admissions Office before March 1st.

Tuition and Fee Information