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An international community

Recognized as one of the best undergraduate universities in Canada, Acadia University is home to more than 500 international students from about 60 different countries each year. With the support of a full-time international student advisor, an orientation program, a host family program, a buddy program, and international student clubs, students soon feel comfortable in their new surroundings. The Wong International Centre provides a place for international and Canadian students to meet, to promote communication and to plan cultural activities. Visit the Wong International Centre at

General admission guidelines applicable to all programs

Students normally apply to Acadia with at least Grade 12 / Lower Sixth / CAPE 1 results.

Applicants from the Bahamas

  • Students are assessed on the basis of their Grade 12 school results but are encouraged to provide BGCSE results if available.

Applicants from a British education system

  • Students are normally required to present two GCE A levels, at grade C or above or one year of study beyond I/GCSE levels.

  • Courses required for admission to certain programs (see "Specific program admission guidelines" below) must be completed with a C or better.

Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exams (CAPE)

  • Students should present grades of "3" or better to be considered for admission.

  • CAPE II results can be considered for advanced credit.

Transfer credit consideration

Transfer credits may be awarded for study at the College of the Bahamas, Barbados Community College, Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (St Lucia), the University of the West Indies, and H Lavity Stoutt Community College, among other institutions. Students applying for transfer credit must include course descriptions of work completed to date with their application.

Specific program admission guidelines

  • Applied Science (Engineering) – Precalculus math and chemistry.  Physics recommended.

  • Biology – Academic or precalculus math and chemistry.

  • Business Administration – English with a minimum 70% (or the equivalent) and academic or precalculus math.

  • Chemistry – Precalculus math and chemistry.

  • Community Development - Academic or precalculus math.
  • Computer Science/Applied Computer Science – Precalculus math.

  • Economics – Bachelor of Arts - Academic or precalculus math. Bachelor of Science – Precalculus math.

  • Environmental Geoscience – Academic or Precalculus Mathematics and Chemistry.

  • Environmental Science – Academic or precalculus math and chemistry.

  • Geology – Academic or precalculus math and chemistry.

  • Kinesiology - Academic or precalculus math.

  • Mathematics – Academic or precalculus math and chemistry).

  • Music – A live or recorded audition is required of all prospective students interested in the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Therapy degrees.

  • Nutrition – Academic or precalculus math and chemistry.

  • Physics – Precalculus math. Physics recommended.

  • Psychology – Academic or precalculus math.

Entrance Scholarships

To be considered for an entrance scholarship an admission application and all required supporting documents for admission must be received in the Admissions Office before March 1st.

Tuition and Fee Information