Admission guidelines for students from Other than High school

Admission of mature students

Persons who wish to study on a full-time basis, who have been out of high school for a minimum of four years, and who do not meet the published academic admission guidelines may be considered for admission on a mature student basis. The mature applicant is required to submit transcripts of all academic work completed, two letters of reference from employers, an outline of future plans, and to be present for interviews if required. The mature applicant may be encouraged to take up to 18 credit hours of specified courses as an independent part-time student. If grades of C- or better are obtained in each, admission will be granted to a degree program and credit for these courses will be allowed towards it.

Admission by transfer from another university

Applicants for admission from another university must have an official transcript sent direct from that institution for evaluation. Transfer credits normally will be given for individual courses which are applicable to the intended undergraduate degree program of study.

Minimum GPA admission requirements:

Business Administration
Computer Science
Environmental Science
Community Development
Applied Science (Engineering)
All other programs

Admission by Letter of Permission

Students now attending another university and who wish to take a course or courses at Acadia University for transfer credit to their home institutions must apply on the regular Acadia Application for Admission and have the Registrar of their university forward a letter of permission and an official transcript to the Admissions Office at Acadia University.

Re-admission after Dismissal

Students applying for readmission after a period of academic dismissal must apply on the regular Application for Admission form online and submit a resume, letter of reference and cover letter. The cover letter should indicate why they feel they did not perform well at Acadia in the past and why they feel they would do better if readmitted. Dismissed students will be re-admitted to Acadia with an academic standing of probation. If they are applying beyond the period of dismissal and have taken courses from another post-secondary institution in the meantime, official transcripts would be required.

Re-admission after an Absence or Graduation

All students who have been absent from the University for two academic years or longer, or who have graduated from the program of studies to which they were admitted, and who wish to return for further studies, must apply for re-admission and complete the required application form. Dismissed students will be re-admitted to Acadia with an academic standing of probation.

Admission of Home Schooled Students

Home schooled students are reviewed on a case by case basis. As a home schooled applicant, you will be asked to provide a cover letter, course grades, outlines of curriculum covered including a list of books/textbooks, any external test scores or transcripts, and completion of specific program required courses.